About the Work

About 20 years ago, I was seduced by the allure of wire…..how it moves, how I can make it move, how it can be transformed into a stable “whole” from a simple strand. There’s just a great elegance and excitement to the process of that transformation.

As an early metalsmith, crocheting wire was my only option but I found great inspiration in looking for new techniques and ways of taming all that unruly wire. I didn’t want to learn existing woven techniques; I wanted to create my own, break new ground, push the wire to its limit.

All these years later, that goal still drives me. I am utterly technique-driven. And I’ve succeeded to some extent. Many of my discoveries have been small and simple. Some are more significant and near completion.

I now have a large body of work that will be showcased on this site. Much of this work, this exploration of both old and new woven wire techniques, is based on one of my earliest realizations: a circle is more structurally sound than a strand. That very simple fact anchors the bulk of my work and research.

Each of the jewelry pieces on this site has been built to demonstrate the use of a particular technique. In some cases, you’ll see multiple pieces using the same techniques to show the techniques’ versatility. On occasion, I will do limited editions. Mostly, however, I will write about the techniques I’ve personally discovered or the ones I’ve explored, enhanced or morphed.

My current focus is to enlarge some of these woven wire techniques for sculpture. Please check the site periodically as these woven sculptures get added.

Eventually, this site will have new technique information available but you can find my earliest publications now at: www.beadifferent.com. To my readers, thank you for joining me in this adventure. As always, I welcome your feedback.